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ebook cover for Fat Girl Funeral
Dr. Angela Tran, America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor and Health coach in Denver, founder and CEO of Med-Fit.

About Dr. Angela Tran, D.O.,

is known as Denver’s foremost weight loss expert and is board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine. She offers a revolutionary new approach to health and weight loss.

From her years of experience, she came to understand that if patients didn’t fix their bodies and their minds from the inside out while trying to be healthy they would not get the long-lasting results they wanted and deserved.

Dr. Tran finds the root cause of her patient’s problems so that she can really help you live your life to the fullest. While everyone looks on the “outside” (diet and exercise) – we look on the inside from a medical standpoint. We “lift up under the hood” to identify any medical barriers to weight loss.

We also focus on mindset and behavior training. “Diet and exercise will get you so far… Support and behaviors will take you to the finish line”.

“At my clinic, MedFit, we have treated over 5000 patients. In one month our patients collectively lost over 4500 lbs which equates to the weight of a white rhino!”

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