10 Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

One quick caveat here. Your definition of “fast” weight loss may vary from what we’re looking at here. However, all these are safe ways to lose weight.

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10 Cut Out One Indulgence

Losing weight can be easy. All you have to do is cut out one consistent source of empty calories in your day. For example, if you have a cola every day with lunch, cutting it out can lead to about 15 pounds of weight loss at the end of a year.

9 Start One Good Habit

Exercise doesn’t have to be huge amounts to lead to significant weight loss. Jogging just 15 minutes a day can also lead to a weight loss of about 15 pounds of weight loss in a year.

8 Bring Your Lunch

When you’re eating out, you’re basically paying people to make you gain weight. Restaurant meals often have ridiculous amounts of calories, not to mention fat and salt. For example, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal with medium fries and cola from McDonald’s has about 1100 Calories. By comparison, a roast beef sandwich, chips, and water have about 500 Calories. That 600-Calorie a day reduction could lead to about 5 pounds of weight loss in just one month.

7 Remember Your Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can make you hungry all day. Depending on how much you tend to snack, this can be a serious problem. If you eat a breakfast composed of lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll likely find yourself snacking less during the day, resulting in weight loss. How much you’ll lose depends on how much you were snacking before.

6 Add Mini-Exercises

It’s sometimes hard to add a large block of exercise time to your day. But it’s often easier to squeeze in a few minutes here and there, and when you keep it up, you’ve built up to hours.

5 Take It on the Run

Do you have friends you regularly hang out with? Is your current activity actually a nonactivity . . . accompanied by food? Ditch the bars and coffee houses for hanging with your friends. Instead, go for a walk or run. You can socialize just as much and you’ll get slimmer.

4 Dance It Away

Do you like listening to music? Well, why not make music your new secret weapon in weight loss? All you have to do is give in to the enchanting wizard of rhythm, and dance! Dance your way through five songs a day and you’ve got another 15 pounds of weight loss at the end of the year. If you listen at work and don’t have the freedom to dance—waving your hands in the air like you don’t care and banging your head will also lead to weight loss, but you’ll have to do it more or expect less.

3 Build in Your Treats

When you’re making your diet, make sure you put in a room for your favorite treats. This will make you less likely to cheat and can increase your overall adherence and weight loss.

2 Add Vegetables

Substituting vegetables for meats in many of your favorite dishes can lead to significant calorie reduction. You can also fill yourself up to more easily and get the fiber you need to help pass waste through your system. And as a bonus, you may discover that you really love the taste of some of the veggie-based dishes.

1 Fill Your Empty Hours

There’s no time to eat when you’ve got work to do. And you’ll burn more calories if you have lots of activities to keep you on the move. Depending on your goals, you can pick up a second job, do some volunteering, or add an active hobby.

All of the Above: Talk to a Doctor

The most important thing for losing weight quickly and especially safely is that you’ve got to talk to your doctor. Or, better yet, a doctor with experience helping people lose weight. This way, you can get help optimizing your calorie deficit while ensuring you’re still getting the nutritional requirements you need to stay healthy.

If you would like to learn more or get specialized weight loss reductions techniques that are tailored to your needs, please contact Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Denver today.

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