Crash diets may work in the short term… but they’ll crash your metabolism in the long run

Hi, I’m Dr. Angela Tran, America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor™, founder and CEO of Med-Fit and I’m here to get you off the diet roller coaster so you can lose 30+ pounds and keep it off for good.

Dr. Angela Tran, America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor and Health coach in Denver, founder and CEO of Med-Fit.

My Mission

To help busy women live longer, happier, healthier, and more confident lives by reaching their ideal weight with sustainable lifestyle changes. Because all women deserve the knowledge and tools required to thrive without the burden of preventable disease.

Obesity is on the rise and if your health is not a priority now, it will force itself to be later.

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During my 15+ years as a primary care physician, I saw time and time again the root cause of the ​​medical issues I was treating come down to improper weight management. Many of these diseases have the highest mortality rates and are killing Americans quicker than ever before. Preventable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, breathing problems, and liver and kidney failure can all be related to excess weight.

You may think you’re doing the “right” diet and the “right” exercise but you’re still struggling to lose the weight (heck, maybe, even gaining it). You’ve put it down to being a busy professional, having to travel frequently for work, or just being too old, your 40’s caught up to you!

Because of my Internal Medicine background, I saw the urgency for medical intervention and the complexities that serve as a barrier to weight loss. I now dedicate my practice solely to weight management to help women live long and prosperous lives. 

I deeply understand where you’re at and the barriers you’re facing trying to lose weight

I’ve gone through many of the same life events and challenges as you, like gaining 40lbs during pregnancy, being in my 40s and having a significant ACL surgery. 

I understand the problems women are faced with when trying to lose weight and why it can be so hard to maintain a diet and exercise routine that fits in with your lifestyle. Having followed my own formula and now live healthfully at my ideal goal weight, I’m able to model the way for women like you to stop yo-yo dieting and create a long and healthy life confidently at your ideal weight.

I founded Med-Fit, not as another quick fix, fad weight loss program but as an individualized program that is custom-designed to each unique person to educate them on sustainable healthy living. 

By living at my ideal weight I have the opportunity to experience all that our beautiful state has to offer. Residing in Colorado, you’ll regularly find me biking, golfing, swimming, and spending time with my family.

Dr. Angela Tran, America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor and Health coach in Denver, founder and CEO of Med-Fit.
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One of the few doctors in Colorado who is double Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine

My experiences and professional history have shaped my passion for helping women lose an average of 30-40lbs in 6 months or less (but up to 50lbs, 100lbs, and 150 lbs without surgery) in a safe way while developing a truly healthy lifestyle. 

You can trust me with your weight loss journey:

  • Practiced primary care since 2007 
  • Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine
  • Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (2004)
  • Residency in Internal Medicine at Exempla St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO (2007)
  • Active member of the American Board of Obesity Medicine
  • America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor™
Med-Fit is a physician-supervised diet & exercise program that is custom-designed to fit in with your lifestyle and goals.

is a physician-supervised diet & exercise program that is custom-designed to fit in with your lifestyle and goals

Utilizing my medical background and a range of accountability, diet, fitness and health coaches, we’ve covered all necessary bases to ensure you WILL lose weight. The longer you’ve been overweight, the more likely you have developed a medical condition that’s stopping you from returning to a healthy, optimal weight. 

My unique process identifies and tackles the two common root causes standing in your way: Insulin resistance and thyroid problems. At Med-Fit all programs start with lab work so we can assess if you have underlying conditions and hormonal imbalances that first need to be addressed.  

There’s no one diet fits all, so it’s critical to design a custom nutrition plan based on the lab work, lifestyle, and metabolic body type.

You can expect the signature MEDFIT process, in which we work together to help you achieve your overall health, mindset, and weight loss goals!


Medical history, lab work, and lifestyle assessment


Execute a unique program that is customized to you


Develop new habits and lifestyle changes to start losing weight quickly and safely


Feel supported, motivated, and accountable


Intentional weekly coaching that alternates between your personal health and accountability coach and your dietician. We also have coaches certified in fitness training to help with your workout plan that ties it all together.


Transform into your most confident self and reach your ideal weight