4 Advanced Medical Weight Loss Methods that Guarantee Long Term Results

Pills, powders, and starvation diets don’t work. Even if you do manage to lose a few pounds with the help of a fad diet or over-the-counter solution, it’s likely that those pounds will reappear quickly. After years of trying every popular exercise routine, meal plan, and supplement, many people still find themselves unhealthy and unhappy.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a guessing game. No matter how long you’ve struggled with excess pounds, advanced medical weight loss techniques can help you create the body you’ve always wanted. With the guidance of a professional medical team, you can finally overcome your weight loss issues and find true health and happiness.

There are several methods your doctor can employ to help you get rid of excess fat. Using a combination of techniques customized to your body type, goals, preferences, and health conditions, your advanced medical weight loss team can show you how to achieve meaningful, significant, and long-lasting body changes. What can you expect from your advanced medical weight loss regimen?

Four Categories for Advanced Medical Weight Loss

In general, advanced medical weight loss therapies can be divided into 4 major categories.

  • Fitness and Movement
  • Nutritional Support
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Medical Weight Loss Specialist Involvement

All four of these elements, in the right balance, create the perfect weight loss plan. For those with special weight loss challenges, however, traditional methods generally aren’t enough to create the right balance. With medical intervention creating a foundation for the parts that are most lacking, patients can achieve goals that once seemed completely out of reach.

Fitness and Movement

Fitness - WeightsAt the core of weight loss is the idea of creating a calorie deficit. Calories are the body’s fuel. Using fewer calories than your normal physical activities demand creates a surplus. This surplus is stored in your fat cells for later use. By increasing the demands on your body’s fuel reserves, you can prompt your body to burn fat deposits when quick-energy resources are less available.

Exercise is always a part of advanced medical weight loss programs. Strength training builds lean muscle, which helps your body naturally burn away stored fat. Cardio exercises strengthen the heart and improve circulation, which improves digestive processes and metabolism.

For many weight loss patients, there are barriers to movement that make regular exercise programs nearly impossible to stick with. Some patients struggle with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or immune disorders that weaken muscles and make long sweat sessions torture. Others might have a hard time staying motivated, keeping their scheduled workouts, or finding a variety of exercises that provide a challenge but keep them interested.

Working with a medical weight loss team helps you overcome these barriers to physical movements. Physical therapists can help you design a program that is interesting, challenging, and effective. In tandem with other weight loss supports, an advanced medical weight loss exercise routine is the best way to ensure long-term results.

Nutritional Support

Delicious SaladThe stomach is the engine of the body. Without the right fuel, you simply won’t get the same level of performance from your machine. This is the biggest problem with most diets. In the pursuit of restricting calories, these eating plans end up leaving dieters without enough fuel to power them through their day. Instead of feeling and looking good, these dieters end up hungry and discouraged. Regardless of how much self-control you have, these eating plans eventually lead to cheating, giving up, and more weight gain.

An advanced medical weight loss eating plan includes everything your body needs to build lean, strong muscle while maintaining a reasonable energy level. Your team helps you select foods that contain all the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients your body needs to maintain health while shedding excess fat. A medical eating plan also includes directions on the best times to consume your meals and considers any existing medical conditions you may have.  Rather than simply cutting calories, medical nutritional support uses food to support your other healthy lifestyle habits.

Lifestyle Modification

Healthier LifestyleThe most successful weight loss enthusiasts understand that losing extra weight and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle choice. With your advanced medical weight loss team, you can explore lifestyle modifications that support your efforts and help you build a new foundation for future health.

During the lifestyle modification phase, your medical team helps you explore all the things in your life that might stand between you and your goal weight. Today, many people find themselves living sedentary lifestyles with little opportunity for natural movement. Others may find themselves unable to resist certain temptations and routinely overindulge in their favorite foods and beverages. Others may have mental or emotional issues that make it impossible for them to regulate their eating and exercise habits. The goal of lifestyle modification is to find healthier alternatives to unhealthy daily habits.

Advanced Medical Weight Loss Specialist Involvement

Like most things in like, we tend to be more likely to achieve our goals when we have assistance through the process. One of the most successful forms of weight loss is pairing with an advanced board-certified medical weight loss specialist. Our specialists have additional training beyond primary care to address your medical needs concerning your weight loss.

Unlike most weight loss companies and groups, Med Fit Medical Weight Loss prioritizes your health and well being through the entire journey. We help provide a structured diet and fitness program that is tailor made to your personal and medical needs. Having a custom-made program is essential to your success since it is molded to building you a lifestyle and dietary program that you can stick with.

Our medical weight loss specialists monitor your health every step of the way to ensure that your custom program is doing what it is designed to do: help you lose weight safely and efficiently. Not only do you have guidance with your fitness and diet program, you will also have one on one consultations with your physician and dietician. These consultations are designed to help you hash out the details of what is and isn’t working for you. We are here to support you through this as it is not an easy journey to embark on your own. We know just how difficult it can be to change how you live and having a team on your side supporting you through every change is a huge step in the right direction of achieving your weight loss goals.

Find the Perfect Solution to Your Weight Loss Problems with Advanced Medical Weight Loss Assistance

Don’t risk your long-term health on fad diets and questionable workout routines. Talk to your doctor about advanced medical weight loss assistance for reliable and scientifically supported results.

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