Achieve Medical Weight Loss Safely

achieve medical weight loss safelyLosing weight is a journey many people start to take and fail to complete due to a lack of immediate results. If they do stick with it, they often become discouraged because they notice their weight reduction seems to taper off, and some of the pounds may even come back. These scenarios are far too common. In fact, they will almost always happen if you are following one of the many fad diets or new fitness trends that seem to pop up in the public consciousness on a regular basis. Instead, you can achieve medical weight loss with a team of nutritionists, personal trainers, and a doctor by your side.  by your side. Visit Med-Fit and we will show you how to have a successful journey to a slimmer, healthier you.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Any program in which you work with doctors and nutritionists to create a diet plan and fitness schedule that is tailored to your physical needs can be considered a medically sound weight loss program. It should take into account your current state of health, any illnesses/injuries you may be experiencing, and your level of physical fitness. With those factors in mind, a plan is created that will allow you to regain your health one step at a time, gradually losing the weight while your body steadily regains its strength and endurance. Our expert medical staff will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and adjust your program as you reach each milestone.

Know Your Body

achieve medical weight loss safely: know your bodyWith a medical weight loss program, you will learn to better understand your body. You will begin to understand why other diet and fitness programs didn’t work and why your body responds better to certain foods and activities than it does to others. We will help you learn why your body responds the way it does and how you can make it fight fat more efficiently, utilizing the nutrients it receives and burning calories as effectively as possible.

By getting to know your body, it becomes easier for you to provide it with the nutrients it needs to thrive. It involves learning about your body’s needs so that each one can be met. This allows for healthier weight reduction and better long-term results.

Understand What You Need to Do to Achieve Medical Weight Loss

At the Denver Weight Loss Clinic, we work with you to find out exactly what your body needs. As we evaluate your health, we take into consideration any obstacles you may face and add them into your health and fitness plan. By doing so, we make sure all of your physical needs are addressed so that your body will not be overwhelmed.

Your fitness goals are set so that they can be achieved as your body begins to gain strength. As you become more active and the pounds start to fall off, we can adjust your program. We understand that going through a weight reduction journey alone can be frustrating, especially when you plateau or have a terrible “cheat day.” That is why we are always here to answer questions and guide you through any areas that may become a little difficult.

Make A Commitment

In order for our staff to be effective at helping you reach your goals; you need to be willing to make a commitment to yourself and to your health. We can provide you with the road map and the guide, but you are the one making the journey. This is why we ask each of our clients to make a personal commitment to their goals.

Success is yours if you want it, but it will take hard work and dedication. It will take a concerted effort to maintain your diet and stick to the fitness schedule that we work together to create. Your success is in your hands and we are looking forward to helping you achieve it! Your commitment to lose the weight is also a commitment to living the rest of your life to the fullest. Our team will be there to encourage you, guide you, and help you to overcome the obstacles you are sure to encounter.

Components of a Medically Sound Weight Reduction Program

Our programs include several components that work together to create a positive, healthy solution. First, we offer medical care for any health concerns you may be experiencing. Secondly, we offer nutritional support to maintain good health and well-being. Third, we create a physical fitness regimen that considers your current level of fitness and begins to build on your strength, stamina, and endurance. Finally, we offer counseling and guidance. Far too often, fitness “gurus” overlook the mental/emotional part of the fitness journey.

Your body is unique and will respond to each of these components in its own way. This can be frustrating unless you understand how weight reduction takes place. For some, fewer calories automatically means fewer pounds. For others, it may mean a slight gain in weight as your body replaces fat with muscle. This can be confusing as you watch the number on the scale increase slightly even as fat is burned away. This is why we are always available to talk with you whenever you have questions. We will make sure you know what is going on with your body so you don’t get discouraged.

Forget the Scale and Focus on Your Body

weight scaleWhen it comes to a successful health and fitness program, forget the scale! Focus more on your body than on the scale. Your weight fluctuates daily. Focusing only on body weight can be misleading. Set the scale aside and only use it once a week. Focus on your body, how it feels and how your clothes fit. If you are on track and your weight is really shifting, you will begin to see more muscle definition.

Your body will begin to feel better. Not only will you begin to feel better inside, you will also begin to notice that when you touch your “trouble spots” the tissues will be firmer and more resilient. You will actually begin to feel a difference both inside and outside your body. Follow these feelings and put your scale back in the closet. Let your doctor’s scale be your true guide once a week, and your gradually changing body be your motivation.

Your Medical Weight Loss Staff Is Important

At Med-Fit, our staff knows how frustrating it can be to try diet after diet and fail. That is why we put together individualized patient plans so that you have exactly what your body needs to achieve the medical weight loss results you desire. Our medical team offers numerous strategies and program options to cater to every patient’s needs. No two people are ever alike, and we make sure that each treatment plan is as unique as the person it was created for. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, helpful, and dedicated to your success. At the end of the day, our team makes the difference for our successful clients. We would love to meet you and discuss your specific goals. Visit our office today or call us at 303-321-0023 so you can get a head start on your medical weight reduction journey!

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