Hi – I’m Carly, and I’ll be writing a weekly blog here at MedFit!

I really found myself at a crossroads recently when I hit my highest weight ever… 298 lbs! I was desperate to find a program that would finally help me shed this weight and gain my life back. Luckily I found MedFit, and I couldn’t be happier about sharing my weight loss journey with you!

My weight has been a running theme throughout my life… starting in 4th grade when my Mom put me on my very first diet. Which means I’ve been struggling with my weight for 33 years. 33 years!!! I know I’ve been heavy all my life, but putting a number to it really hit me in the face.

I wanted to get clear on how 33 years of struggling with my weight have impacted my life – so I decided to make a list (I’m a list maker). It turned out to be a very long list, and (spoiler alert) not a positive one. Here’s a sample of what’s on my list:

– My knees make cracking noises and hurt all the time
– My kid can’t wrap his arms around me when he hugs me
– I can’t walk upstairs without getting winded (embarrassing!)
– I shy away from cameras… refuse to have my picture taken
– I can’t shop in any store I want/wear the style of clothing I like
– I have anxiety every time I get on an airplane – is this the time the seat belt won’t buckle?
– I worry about dying and not seeing my son grow up

That last bullet point is the one that nearly brings me to tears every time I think about it, but I’m not giving up! What better way to start over than to start another list (seriously – it’s a problem). I’m calling this my “goodbye” list.

– painful knees
– Ugly clothes
– Fear of stairs, seatbelts, cameras
– Emotional dependence on food
– 33 years of dieting
– Old habits…

I’m feeling in control of my life and my narrative. When I think about my future now – I don’t see more failed diets. I see me dancing with my son, wearing cute clothes, sitting comfortably on a plane, living my best life. It’s like I’ve opened Pandora’s box, and despite the struggles that lie ahead – I’m still left with hope.

I know I can do this… I have the tools, support, and determination. This is my comeback tour – and I really hope you’ll join me! Let’s make a comeback together!


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Dr. Angela Tran