I lost 12 pounds my first week on the Med-Fit program… which is amazing! What is even more amazing is realizing that I have it in me to actually do this!

My first week on the program came with some ups and downs… I loved that I only had to plan out one meal a night, but I also struggled early in the week with some major exhaustion. But after the first week was over, and the exhaustion subsided – I was surprised to find that I was feeling very positive about this journey… and I even caught myself visualizing myself at my end goal. I’ve never really done that before, so I’m wading into new territory here!

My end goal is to be healthy and energetic. I talked about this a little bit in an Instagram post on Monday (which you can check out at @medfitdrtran). My goal isn’t a number on a scale or size of clothing, but I’ll know it when I get there. Here are some of the ways I’ll know I’ve met my goal (yes… a list is imminent) ?:

  • I will be able to get up off of the floor without first rolling to my knees
  • I will be able to paint my toenails and still be able to breathe
  • I won’t panic and make up excuses when a friend suggests we go on a hike
  • I won’t fear being too heavy to participate in activities where there is a weight limit (like paddle boarding, zip lining, dog sledding, etc…)
  •  A set of stairs, no matter how big, doesn’t intimidate me

I’m a long way from these things, but somehow after just one week on the Med-Fit program, I can actually see these things happening! That’s pretty powerful. It reminds me of something my favorite self-help guru, Bill Cortright, always says:

What you see you create
What you feel you attract
What you imagine you become

So I guess the takeaway here is this: knowing what your end goal is and having a clear idea of what it looks like – is paramount to this journey.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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Dr. Angela Tran