Every weight loss journey has a motivating factor behind it. You need to have a clear reason why you’re doing this – because when things get hard (and they will) you will need to remember why you started. This is your WHY.

In my IG post on Monday, I wrote about my BIG WHY – the all-encompassing reason why I started on this path to finally lose the weight and get healthy. My BIG WHY is my son Beck… he is my ultimate motivation. I want to be a healthy, active, happy presence in his life. I want to be a positive role model for him and I want him to have a healthy relationship with food. I try to meditate on this every night – so that I don’t lose sight of why I’m doing this.

Beck is my BIG WHY… but there are other things that motivate me too:

Being Healthy & Active
Right now if someone asked me to go on an easy hike I would get so apprehensive at the thought of it – that I would immediately make excuses as to why I couldn’t go. I know it would be a struggle for me… and I could almost feel myself gasping for air, falling behind, holding people back, feeling embarrassed. So being healthy and active would not only feel good physically, but it would also bring me peace of mind – knowing that my body can handle any activity I want to do.

I want to be able to shop for clothes in any store… and I want to wear stylish clothes that I feel and look good in. Right now there are less than a handful of stores I can physically go to and shop at – so I tend to shop for clothes online. I actually prefer to shop online, but that takes planning if I need something for a specific event (like a dress for a party or a bathing suit for a vacation). I also don’t get to try the clothes on ahead of time – so it’s a crap shoot if they’ll fit/look good. I always feel like I’m settling when it comes to clothes… I don’t want to settle anymore.

Fear of Embarrassment
Embarrassing things happen – they’re a part of life! But when you’re obese it just feels like life is a minefield of embarrassing moments waiting to happen. I went to Florida for Thanksgiving – which means there were plenty of embarrassing opportunities lying in wait… starting with the airplane seatbelt (which thankfully fit) – and continued on to the theme parks where I worried about fitting in the seats on every ride. It’s these simple, everyday sort of things – that anyone should be able to do without fear – that cause me so much anxiety. Losing weight wouldn’t stop embarrassing things from happening to me (my friends will testify to that), but it might cut the embarrassing opportunities in half… and I’ll take what I can get!

These are just a few examples of what motivates me to lose weight. When I’m thinking about eating something that won’t get me to my goal – I think about these things and it helps keep me on track. It’s a vital tool in my weight loss arsenal… and could be a great tool for your weight loss journey as well!


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Dr. Angela Tran