Every time I go on a diet I think “this is it – this will be the last diet I ever do.” This time is no different in that respect, but my approach this time is a big departure. I’m working on not just cleaning up my diet, but also working on the underlying issues that make food more than just food. I’m going in deep!

I’ve honestly never spent this much time and effort working on my inner self.., but that’s also why I think this time is so different from the rest. I’m not just making lasting eating habits, but also making lasting emotional habits. These changes have really given me such a powerful mental shift – that I don’t think I’ve ever really felt this ready to tackle my weight loss. I’ve been doing Med-Fit for two months now, and I’m only getting more excited about it as I go along.

Another big shift is that I’m allowing people to help me – with my weight loss, with my hectic schedule, with my son. I like to be self-reliant, and always thought to ask for help showed weakness (spoiler: it’s actually the complete opposite). Asking for help (and receiving it!) has allowed me to make this process truly about ME. This is my time to take care of myself, and I have an amazing support group backing me up!

I have a lot of hard work ahead of me… but at the end of this road, I see a bright future where food is fuel and not an emotional crutch. Where I can feel all the feelings and not hide from them behind a layer of fat. Where strength and vulnerability are valued equally. It’s a pretty great future!

Happy New Year!


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Dr. Angela Tran