I had a pretty good week last week… but it was wholly unremarkable.  Yep – I had a remarkably unremarkable week – and it was awesome!

Since I’ve been on this weight loss journey (11 weeks now), I’ve had to work through a lot of emotions, and I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff that I kept way deep down inside.  If you’ve read any of my past blog posts you know what I’m talking about! But this week I went into my coaching session with Emily and didn’t have much to report. My week was fine.  No real challenges to report, no hurdles to overcome. I went about my week with relative ease… and hardly gave any thought to my diet (even though I ate on plan). It might seem boring, but that’s where the magic is!  This diet has stopped being a “diet” and has now become my new normal. I’ve heard about this mythical place – where behavior becomes a habit – but I don’t think I’ve ever been there before (or at least recognized when I was there).  It’s a pretty cool place to be!

What I find particularly wonderful about this new normal – is that I can clearly see how my relationship to food is changing… not only in how I think about food, but how I use it (or not use it) to smother my feelings.  I’m not fully there yet, but being able to acknowledge the shift is pretty great.

None of this is tangible – it’s not a number on a scale, it’s not a smaller pant size… it’s nothing, yet it’s everything.  It’s this in-between space where I’m no longer who I was but can start to see who I will be. 

All of this from a week that was pretty unremarkable.


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Dr. Angela Tran