Have you ever made a bucket list or created a vision board?  It’s pretty fun to imagine all the amazing places you’ll visit, what your dream home would look like, what you would wear if you were skinny and rich.  Heck – Pinterest has created a whole business around people dreaming about what people want, where they want to go, and what they want to be!

 I really love to imagine how amazing my life will be when I finally hit my goal weight.  Everything will be perfect, and I’ll all of a sudden have my act together. I’ll wear beautiful clothes, I’ll travel to exotic places, and I’ll do work that not only pays the bills but also brings me joy.  Oh – you didn’t know losing weight can do all that? In my dreams, it can.

 Dreaming can be good, but in the past, I think that I focused on the end game so much that I’d get frustrated that I’m not already there… and then I end up giving up half-way to my goal.  This meeting point of dream vs reality is kind of a tough place to live when you’re really trying to accomplish something.

 This go-around I’m doing things a little different.  Instead of dreaming of this imaginary perfect life post-weight loss – I’m focusing on finding the joy in the journey and appreciating the small successes along the way.  I’ve come a long way in the past 4 months, and I’m really proud of the work I put in to get here! Every step I take towards my goal is worthy of being recognized and celebrated! 

 I’ll always be a dreamer, but living in the moment actually feels more rewarding to me.  And it gives me an opportunity to recognize how bad-ass I can be – and that’s definitely worthy of celebrating!


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Dr. Angela Tran