Two weeks ago I moved from working part-time to working full-time.  It wasn’t a smooth transition – and it’s been extremely stressful… and exhausting!  After two weeks I’m no longer feeling the same level of stress, but I’m still feeling exhausted.  The point of me sharing all this is that change is hard – and stress and exhaustion and all the other difficult feelings that come along with change can be triggered if you have issues with food. 

In the past, I would have eaten candy bars and junk food to ease the negative feelings, but I found that this go around things were very different.  In my coaching session with Emily – she asked me how all this change and stress affected my response to food. I actually had to take a moment and think about it, and the answer was “it didn’t”.  I ate the way I’ve eaten for the past 4 months without one thought given to eating off plan. And that, my friends, is a miracle!!!

You can lose weight by cutting calories, eating all the right foods, and working out… but if you’re not putting any work into the emotional side of eating then you’re missing half the equation.  I’ve done all the diets and I’ve lost tons of weight. But I’ve always gained it back – usually after a huge emotional setback. After working the Med-Fit program I now know it’s because I was missing that very important piece of the puzzle.

I’ve done some hard emotional work with Emily, and this is the payoff!  I’ve built habits that can get me through the difficult emotions in life without using food as a pacifier… and the best part is that I didn’t even notice until Emily pointed it out!  Hitting the 50-pound weight loss was pretty cool, but this is an even bigger win!

When Emily asked me what my goal was for the week – I told her “to just keep swimming”.  I’ve got this, I just need to keep on keeping on!


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Dr. Angela Tran