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Customized Weight Loss Programs

Unlike most dieting franchises, Med-Fit concentrates on weight loss and “medical fitness.” We believe our clients should look and feel physically fit, while meeting and maintaining the standards of good health. At Med-Fit, we focus on our clients’ physical appearances and their overall health and well-being through customized weight loss programs.

diet plansA Diet Plan With You In Mind

At Med-Fit, we evaluate your metabolic rate and any health conditions you may have before we determine the best diet and fitness program for you. Our professional in-house physician can identify medical or health barriers that could hinder your weight. For example, if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, you are at a higher risk of weight gain and obesity due to the irregular hormones in your body. Our physician can determine a structured diet to assist in your weight loss and may prescribe medication as well.

Med-Fit uses the noninvasive InBody 520 to gain detailed information about your body before we tailor a program for you. While it looks like a simple scale, this useful piece of technology gives us a comprehensive body composition analysis while you stand on it. The InBody 520 allows us to see your body mass index, total water weight, lean body mass, and percent of body fat along with your overall weight. This information gives us a better understanding of what your body needs and helps us design a program that will get you real results.

Diet Programs That Actually Work

Everyone is different and should have the chance to lose weight with a diet program that will work for them. At Med-Fit, your diet and exercise regimen is tailor-made by a physician to promote more effective results.