Develop a Customized Weight Loss Program with our Medical Weight Loss Professionals

Healthy SmoothieWeight loss is a process. Depending on how much you want to lose, it can take years to shed unwanted pounds. During this time, your body goes through a variety of changes and fluctuations that directly impact your weight loss plan. When relying on a generic program, these changes in hormone production, metabolism, and other vital weight loss markers are often ignored. This can lead to slow progress, stubborn weight retention, or simple frustration that drives dieters to abandon their efforts.

Medical weight loss programs are directed by doctors. By working with a professional medical team, you can build a customized weight loss program that is tailored to your specific body chemistry, goals, and lifestyle. This makes your efforts more effective. How does choosing a medically assisted customized weight loss program help you lose more weight faster and with less aggravation?

Medically Specific Diet Plan

Your health is unique. From your typical resting heart rate to the number of times you’ve had to take antibiotics over the years, there are a lot of factors that go into your personal medical profile. Not all of these bits of information have an impact on your potential diet plans. However, there are some important aspects of your overall health that should be considered when formulating a customized weight loss program.

  • Existing health conditions. Chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis impact your daily life. They can also affect the way you eat and digest your food. Your weight loss doctor can help you adjust your eating plan to account for these conditions without endangering your long-term health.
  • Currently prescribed medications. There are some medications that compromise your metabolism, increase food cravings, or otherwise make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy eating plan. Your medically trained diet administrator can help you find ways to achieve weight loss despite the side effects of your medications.
  • Knowledge of medical history. Your personal medical history holds clues that your doctor can use to predict possible problems with your weight loss program before they pop up. They can use relevant historical information to build a program that supports your long-term success.

A medically specific customized weight loss program helps you avoid big problems on your path to the perfect weight.

Exercise Routines Made Just for You

Yoga ExerciseLosing weight means getting your body to move. One-size-fits-all fitness plans usually don’t work well for anyone. They’re either too demanding, too easy to encourage you to work up a sweat, or boring and repetitive. This can be especially true for those who have struggled with joint injuries in the recent past.

Your customized weight loss program should include personalized fitness instructions that challenge, motivate, and inspire you to stick with your long-term plan. Talking with your medically trained diet plan provider helps you build a better workout routine in multiple ways.

  • Know your limits. Newbie exercisers are notorious for overdoing it.  However, when the stiffness and muscle soreness kicks in, it can be nearly impossible to get back on track. Your doctor can give you advice and guidelines that help you avoid the pain and potential setback of overworked muscles.
  • Create a comprehensive routine. With so many different types of workout options, it can be confusing for the average consumer to find the perfect combination of cardio, stretching, and strengthening activities for their body. Your doctor can show you how to balance your workout plan for total body results.
  • Incremental increases. When is it time to kick up the intensity? That can be a hard call to make. By tracking and analyzing your progress, your doctor can provide key insights that help you know when it’s time to rack up a little more weight or strive for a few extra miles.

Fitness is a vital part of your realistic customized weight loss program. Dr. Tran can help you achieve your fitness goals while minimizing discomfort.

Customized Goals that Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether your goal is to get rid of those last ten pounds or you’re just starting off on a journey to lose a hundred pounds or more, setting up a series of smaller goals is the best way to reach your ultimate weight loss objective. As a novice, how can you tell what constitutes a realistic goal? That’s where Dr. Tran can help.

Using the information gleaned from your medical exam, medical history, and other patient-provided information, Dr. Tran can help you create a realistic and long-term customized weight loss plan. This plan includes measurable steps that help you stay focused and on track to achieving the healthy body you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Tran and her team will also help you keep track of your eating habits, exercise routines, fat loss, and other essential metrics. This information will be periodically reviewed. If you don’t’ seem to be making the right kind of progress, this tracking information helps us reformulate your customized weight loss program. In this way, you achieve better, faster results than are possible with non-medical weight loss programs.

Additional Support When Times Get Tough

SupportAs mentioned before, the road to long term weight loss is filled with potential potholes. Fat cells are an integral part of the body’s hormone production system. As you begin to lose weight, your body often begins an adjustment that can wreak havoc on your hormone production. Even if you’re following your customized weight loss plan to the letter, your compromised hormone production can still make it impossible to lose the weight you need.

Your weight loss doctor can help you navigate hormone-related weight loss issues with specialized supplements. More than just a collection of vitamins or appetite suppressants, your medical doctor has access to prescription solutions that can help your body adjust and let go of the unnecessary weight.

Of course, vitamin supplements and appetite suppressants play an important role in the weight loss journey of many people. If you’re having trouble controlling your portions or getting enough nutrients in every meal, your medically customized weight loss program provider can also help you find short term solutions to these problems as well.

A Medically Supervised Customized Weight Loss Program is Your Key to Real Health and Vitality

Don’t fall victim to passionate promises that offer little in the way of real results. Talk to your doctor about using medically supervised weight loss techniques to achieve your long-term goals.

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