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Diet Counseling

Many people try multiple diets without success. Often, repeated failures could be a sign of subconscious self-sabotage. With the help of Dr. Angela Tran, our in-house physician and primary diet counselor, you can find out whether you have been sabotaging your diets. This knowledge can help prevent the same problem from recurring during your time with Med-Fit.

Depression and sadness can lead to overeating. We experience emotional eating when we use food as a source of comfort.

At Med-Fit, Dr. Tran holds behavior modification classes to help clients break the cycle of emotional eating. With these classes, Dr. Tran can help reset the way you identify with food, allowing you to commit to your diet plan and reach your full potential.

If you are still having problems after taking behavior modification classes, Dr. Tran may recommend psychological counseling. We have to be mentally whole before we can be physically whole, and clients should embrace all types of counseling as tools to reach health and wholeness.

Whether you are having health problems, are an emotional eater, or just wish to lose a couple pounds, Med-Fit can help you on your weight loss journey. Every person has their own story and their own needs and challenges. Shouldn’t every person have an individualized diet and fitness program that will give them the best results possible?