Dietician Vs. Nutritionist, what is the difference?


Understanding someone’s expertise helps you assemble the right team to reach your goals!

At 13 years old she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She was told that she had to cut out a whole food group from her diet, and like most teenagers, she pushed back on such a bold demand. However, as she continued to eat what she liked, especially pasta, she grew even sicker. All she wanted was to not be in pain from eating…

This is the start of a journey that gave birth to a purpose for Stephanie Castro, a purpose that we are so lucky to have here at MedFit. She spent over 1200 hours or UNPAID time working in a supervised, clinical setting to become a dietician. She works with the science of your specific body to help get you to the place you want to be. Nothing is one size fits all.

Dr. Angela Tran.

From dealing with being the “Fat Mom” to overcoming everything that held her back, here is Denise!

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Dr. Angela Tran