Easy Ways to Exercise without a Gym

Exercise is an essential complement to any weight loss program. Many of us think that in order to exercise, we need a gym with all kinds of special equipment. But the truth is that you already have all the equipment you need to exercise. It’s just a question of utilizing the tools you have around. Here are some quick ways to get exercising, without a gym.


Human beings are evolved to walk. Although you wouldn’t know if from the sedentary life that most of us live, walking is what we do best. Human beings spread all around the world mostly by walking. That’s 36,000 miles or more on foot, though few people do it all in a lifetime. All you need to start walking is your own two feet and some time.


After walking, running is the thing we do best. We’re not the best sprinters, but we are the world-champion marathoners. Tribal hunters in many parts of the world practice what is known as persistence hunting, where they run an antelope down until it is too exhausted to escape. Although the antelope is much faster, humans have much better endurance than almost any animal. Get out there and try it!


Calisthenics are just the typical sorts of exercise you can do without much or any equipment, like sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and more. With a reasonable variety of these you can get yourself a good workout for all areas of your body.

Pick-Up Games

You’ve seen those guys playing ball at the park often enough. Why not join them? Not only can you get some great exercise, but you can make some good friends with your neighbors. If they’re reluctant to let you join at first because of your skill level, bring a friend of similar skill so you can split up between teams for equal handicap.


Weights are a simple piece of equipment to buy. They’re not very expensive, and they can be very helpful. But if you don’t want to invest in weights, start out using a gallon jug of water. The water weighs about eight pounds, and that’s a good enough place to start if you’re beginning and are still unsure whether you will actually use them. By the time you’re ready to move on to heavier ones, you know the investment will be worth it.

These are just a few examples of the many ways that you can easily add exercise to your daily routine to help improve your weight loss efforts.

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