Eli Lilly Launches LillyDirect

Eli Lilly, the drug makers of the popular drugs of Mounjaro and Zepbound used to treat diabetes and weight loss, just launched their new telehealth platform. According to the company, the site will offer “disease management resources” giving consumers access to healthcare providers and providing home delivery of Lilly’s medicines through third-party pharmacy dispensing services.

LillyDirect will also provide patients with access to telehealth providers and allow for search tools to find healthcare professionals near patients if in-person care is preferred.

The good news is that at least these medications are the proper formulas as opposed to the knock off generic versions that are sending more and more people to the ER due to their harm and potential dangerous side effects because they are not the same ingredients.

While yes, giving patients another accessible form is great.  However, it is still missing several important components.

eli lilly zepbound

Regular medical monitoring AND patients still need a proper diet and exercise plan in place. Taking this medication for the rest of your life is NOT the answer and doesn’t matter if it “saves” your life if you are not changing your lifestyle habits along with it.

As I have said before – we don’t need more prescribers; we need more providers and specialists who can help these patients navigate this process holistically. What do you think about Eli Lilly getting the game now on the consumer side?

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