Fad Diet Series: Liquid Amino Diet

It’s the newest diet fad sweeping the nation: the Liquid Amino Diet. Just pay us $80 and we’ll tell you the secret to losing 100 pounds or more. (Hint: eat less and exercise more.) Oh, and you’ll also get this special weight loss formula created by a chiropractor based on the principles of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine has its philosophic roots in alchemy, and it certainly seems that the inventor here has learned one secret for turning something into gold.

How the Liquid Amino Diet Works

The Liquid Amino Diet works by having you reduce your dietary intake down to about 1000 Calories a day. It is also recommended that you add moderate exercise to your daily routine.

You cut out fat, reduce your carbs, and try to eliminate processed sugars. Eating five small meals throughout the day will help to control hunger and even out your body’s energy balance to attempt to avoid bottoming out.

Oh, and you also take the specially formulated Liquid Amino Diet formula.

Does the Liquid Amino Diet Work?

You will probably lose weight on this diet. Cutting your intake down to 1000 Calories in a balanced diet composed primarily of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits will likely lead to weight loss. For the average American man, this is a reduction of more than 1300 Calories a day and for the average woman this is a reduction of about 800 Calories a day. Since a pound of fat contains about 3500 Calories, these deficits will likely result in weight loss of about a quarter of a pound a day in women, and more than a third of a pound a day in men, assuming you keep your activity level constant.

If you add exercise to the diet, as recommended, your weight loss will be even higher.

But What about the Special Formula?

The good news is, it likely won’t poison you. In homeopathic medicine, active ingredients are diluted to trace amounts or less, so the 9 ingredients in the special formula (some of which are known poisons and none of which have ever been shown to lead to weight loss) most likely won’t harm you. (Then again, since the special formula hasn’t been pre-approved for safety and effectiveness, and the manufacturers don’t have to meet any kind of manufacturing standard, it’s possible it will poison you. Caveat emptor.)

The bad news is, the special formula probably won’t accelerate your weight loss. Most likely, the activity of the special formula is best explained as the placebo effect (which is not to be discounted—it’s often stronger than prescription medication), so if you have faith in its properties, you’re more likely to see benefit from it.

To learn more about weight loss options that have been scientifically proven to work, please contact Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Denver today.

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