Fad Diet Series: The Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet is counting on its wow factor to bowl you over. They hope that you’ll be so excited about the thought that you’ll be eating chocolate and losing weight that you won’t take the time to really look into the meal plan, because, although it sounds pretty awesome, not everything that glitters is cocoa.

How the Chocolate Diet Works

The Chocolate Diet is your basic meal replacement program. You’ll replace two of your meals a day with chocolate shakes, have a couple of small snacks, one meal, and their “Chocolate Treat.” You’re also encouraged to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, and you can drink up to two cups of coffee or tea (but no milk).

They imply that they use some special kind of cocoa in their chocolate, because it is high in polyphenols. Although polyphenols do vary among different types of chocolates, there are many different chocolates that are high in polyphenols.

Does the Chocolate Diet Work?

If you stick to the diet plan, then the Chocolate Diet should work. After all, it’s a meal replacement plan that is designed to reduce your caloric intake, give you a net calorie deficit, and therefore lead to weight loss.

However, the problem is that meal replacement plans can be hard to stick to. I mean, you do get to eat chocolate three times a day, in the form of two meal replacement shakes and one square of dark chocolate, but will this be enough to satisfy your cravings? It’s hard to say.

And will you lose weight any faster on this meal replacement program than on others on the market? That’s also hard to say. Although there is some evidence that chocolate can encourage weight loss, there’s no good evidence saying that it really ramps up your metabolism and encourages your body to burn more calories. The program also doesn’t include exercise, which may limit your results.

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