Fad Diet Series: The M Plan

One of the most recent celebrity diets to make a splash is the M plan. This plan claims to help women not only lose weight, but lose it from their waist, hips, and buttocks without losing weight from their breasts.

The Diet Theory

Under the M plan, women are supposed to replace one meal a day with a plate of mushrooms. Preferably raw mushrooms, because they contain more nutrients and fewer calories. After doing this for 14 days, celebrities claim they have lost significant amounts of weight and dress sizes, without losing weight in the bust.

Supposedly, the mushrooms help by stimulating your digestive system. They give you lots of vitamins, plus lots of fiber that can help you move food through your digestive system faster.

And as far as the weight loss in the lower part of the body? That is just a little bit of superstitious sympathetic magic: when you eat the mushroom you will gain its top-heavy shape.

Does It Work?

As with many fad diets, there is some element of truth in the M plan. Replacing one meal a day with a plate of mushrooms will likely result in weight loss. But, experts point out, that would be the case for replacing an entire meal a day with any plate of vegetables.

Mushrooms do have a lot of nutrition, and they can help digestive health, but there is no evidence that any food targets weight loss in any particular area. It’s hard enough to sculpt the body with exercise, which can at least increase muscle, even if it can’t guarantee weight loss in a particular area of the body.

At least this diet has the advantage over something like the cabbage soup diet or the lemonade diet in that it at least lets you eat a varied diet most of the time.

Weight Loss Guided by Science

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