Five Benefits of Using a Medical Weight Loss Meal Program

picture of weight loss medicationA high-quality medical weight loss meal program offers you several benefits over and above what a traditional “diet” can. Most traditional diet programs are designed to meet basic needs and are difficult to personalize. This means you are using the same diet as everyone else on the program, even though your individual health and nutritional needs may be drastically different than theirs.

When you work with a team of doctors and other health professionals, your weight loss meal plan is designed specifically to meet your individual needs. There is no cookie-cutter plan or mass-produced meals. Everything about your meal program is designed to benefit you and you alone. If you need extra iron, calcium, or other nutrients, you need a customized program. If you have diabetes or other health conditions, you need a customized program. If you have injuries or limitations or physical limitations to your workout regimen, you need a customized program. If you are just done with diets that don’t work, or yo-yo weight loss and weight gain, you need a customized program.

Get a Personalized Medical Weight Loss Meal Program

An individual weight loss program takes into account your medical history, as well as the current state of your health. At the Denver Weight Loss Clinic, Dr. Tran and her medical staff go over your medical history with a fine-tooth comb to discover what may have caused your weight gain. They also look closely at your current lifestyle to find areas where improvements can be made. The ultimate goal is to create a weight loss program that works for you and will help your body achieve optimum health and overall well-being.

At the same time, the goal is to assist you in creating healthy lifestyle habits that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Over time, you will be replacing your old habits with new ones that support better health and well-being. In addition to adjusting your eating habits, you will also be including new exercise routines and habits that will support your metabolism and strengthen your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

Supports Your Medical Needs

picture of medical supplementsThe right weight loss program will also work to support your medical needs. If you have been overweight for any length of time, it’s safe to say that many of your organs have been put under stress. With the right medical weight loss meal program in place, you will be able to improve many of the symptoms associated with obesity such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Degenerative bone disease
  • Upper respiratory distress

In many cases, it took several years for these conditions to develop. The symptoms associated with them will not disappear overnight. As our clients lose weight, they tend to see their overall health improve, often quite dramatically.

As you progress on your weight loss journey, however, you will begin to notice subtle changes. This is where a stagnant, “cookie-cutter” plan fails. As the changes become more pronounced, and your body begins to respond to your new meal plan diet and workout recommendations change. Dr. Tran may even be able to adjust your medications and lower your dosages as your health conditions begin to improve.

Easily Adjusted as Your Weight Changes

When you start on your weight loss journey, your original meal plan may seem very different compared to what you are used to. The good thing about your weight loss program, however, is that once the extra pounds start to fall away, modifications can be made to your diet that will support your body’s new needs. Your body may begin to build new muscle tissue. This will require changes to be made in terms of the types of calories you consume.

Higher levels of activity will require the right type of calories while supporting new muscle tissue will mean additional protein needs to be included in the diet. While the total number of calories you consume may not fluctuate significantly, the changes will come in what type of foods you eat and when so that you get the most out of every meal you consume.

Increases Your Energy Levels and Boosts Metabolism

what's holding you back from losing weight?The right weight loss program will provide you with the foods you need to increase your energy levels and boost your metabolism. As you continue to lose weight and become more active, your body will begin to adjust how it produces certain hormones. Your adrenal glands release the hormones you need to keep your body moving as well as those that trigger the use of glucose in the body.

Your body’s metabolism changes as your activity changes. The more active you are, the more energy you have and the more calories you burn. With a medical weight reduction program in place, your body’s needs are met as they continue to change. Foods are added when your body needs more nutritional support and when it doesn’t require an excessive amount of calories. It also divides up your meals into smaller sections that are consumed more frequently throughout the day.

Allows You to Include the Things You Like in Moderation

One of the worst things about being on any diet is not being able to have the things you love. With a medical weight reduction program, you can include your favorite foods in moderation, as long as other accommodations can be made to account for the extra calories. Weight loss takes work and dedication, especially if you have other health concerns that need to be addressed. You don’t have to punish yourself at every turn by giving up everything you enjoy. You just need to learn to practice self-control. We are adept and helping our clients develop that discipline for a life-long change in their health.

At the Med-Fit, our staff takes all of your health background into consideration. We work hand in hand with you throughout your entire weight loss journey. From your medical weight loss meal program to your exercise program, every part of your treatment program is designed with your individual needs in mind. As your body and lifestyle begin to change, we help you to maintain your new milestones and reach forward toward your future goals. Giving you what you need to live your best life is our ultimate achievement! Give us a call 303-321-0023.

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