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Tuesday, October 1st 12pm or 5:30pm
Thursday, October 3rd 5:30pm

One of the biggest questions we get asked about losing weight in your 40’s is “What do you actually do to help people lose weight once their metabolism slows down and the same old methods don’t actually work anymore??”


Did you know that every time you attempt a Fad Diet and gain the weight back, your metabolism takes a hit?  You are actually doing long term damage to your metabolism because of your rapid weight loss followed by a rapid regain. Your hormones are all over the place when that happens, and after 40, it can be truly detrimental to your overall health and desire to lose weight. 


Worse yet, you think going to the gym is the answer, but if you are not giving yourself the right nutrition, you are making it that much harder on yourself.  If you are exercising and not eating enough of the right things, your body is only going to break down muscle instead of building it up, and your metabolism gets even slower despite killing yourself at the gym.


Well…here’s a story that illustrates exactly what we do for people in their 40’s who want to lose weight and are struggling…


Believe it or not, most successful weight loss in your 40s, starts with a busy person who has let their health slip yet has a desire to regain their energy and self-confidence. It starts with a person ready to feel like themselves again, and a plan designed to help them reach that goal…even if they have struggled for years.  But what they are missing is the right formula for their body type, support from others who know exactly what they are going through, and a sustainable plan that fits their busy lifestyle.


After multiple failed attempts, causing a damaged metabolism, it’s time to let Denver’s Weight Loss Experts takeover!


We are officially launching our Finish by January Group Class! 

Class times are:

Tuesday, October 1st 12pm or 5:30pm

Thursday, October 3rd 5:30pm


The Group Class includes:

  • 12 Week Clinically Proven Lifestyle Change Program
  • Master the Maintenance phase and finally be done with diets
  • Support group from others in the same journey
  • Average 14% Weight Loss by the end of the program
  • Meal Replacements INCLUDED
  • Private Facebook Group


By the end of the 12 week program, you will have lost on average 14% of your body weight, you will have mastered the top 12 behavior lifestyle skills that will help you manage your weight while navigating a busy lifestyle, AND you will finish with a clear plan on how to keep the weight off.  In fact, if you keep reading, I have a bonus offer for you to ensure you are confident on what to do by the end of the program.


Now the 3 Most Common Questions people have asked about our Group class:


  1. Will this work for a busy professional like me with no time?


Structure and convenience are among 2 of the most important elements we create so our clients see  sustainable results. With the use of medical meal replacements, we provide 100% complete nutrition to restore your  metabolism so you can start to shed fat without feeling hungry.. Backed by science, our meal replacement system makes weight loss simple, flexible and convenient. We also strive to make sure you enjoy the plan and can continue to eat the foods you love! 


  1.  I have always struggled with keeping it off.  How am I going to maintain my results?


Diet and Exercise will only take you so far…support and habits  will take you to the Finish Line! With years of experience, we have crafted a specifically designed 12-week curriculum that will teach all the tools you need no matter what situation you are including:


  • How to Set Achievable Goals
  • Understanding your Why
  • Building Support
  • Stress Management
  • Dining out and how to handle traveling
  • Personal responsibility

And more!!!


  1.  I don’t know if I can afford the program.  What is the cost?


We got you covered!  We accept Flex Benefit and Health Savings accounts.  We also offer 0% financing payment plans if you are approved, or we offer in-house payment plans.  Also the meal replacements are INCLUDED as part of the program. It will save you time, it will save you money, and it will save you from another failed attempt at another fad diet that doesn’t work.


AND as a BONUS, if you sign up before Sept. 25, you will get a FREE 5 pack Fitness sessions AND a custom meal plan just for you ($500 value).

Meet Jenny who is now enjoying her new confidence!  Now that she has so much more energy, she finds herself wanting to be active when before she was mostly sedentary.  She can finally enjoy the outdoor beauty of Colorado. Her favorite part of the transformation she’s experienced is feeling comfortable getting into a swimsuit again without feeling self-conscious!  She said that in itself made the process worth every penny.


I gained so much more than I lost at MedFit. Don’t misunderstand my clever play on words there. I lost the weight I wanted to lose, but I gained an understanding of why I put the weight on in the first place, how to change negative patterns/habits that kept me stuck (mentally and physically), how to notice triggers and deal with them appropriately, how to find a healthy balance in ALL areas of my life, valuable exercise techniques, and SO much more!!! With the guidance of the MedFit team I dug deep and put in the hard work to become my own success story. They are knowledgeable, caring, fun, and motivating! I HIGHLY recommend MedFit for anyone who is struggling in their weight loss journey.”


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