How To Lose Weight Fast?

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Beach vacation booked?  Check.  Hotel reservations made?  Check.  Bikini body ready?  No check.  But your vacation is coming up soon.  So how can you lose weight fast just in time to board the plane to paradise?  

Tip #1

Drink at least 64 oz of water and add fresh slices of lemon, cucumber, and mint to your water.  

Drinking water with these 3 ingredients will get rid of extra water weight quickly, and it will help reduce that bloated feeling that makes you feel “fat” in a swimsuit.  It will also work wonders for your skin.  I even like to start my day with a full glass in the morning.


Eat lean proteins and veggies.

Lean proteins and veggies are the best nutrients to kickstart your metabolism into high gear prior to your vacation.  The proteins are essential to muscle growth and repair which will help your metabolism, and the veggies are low calorie, but filling and will help you feel full and energized as you prepare for your fun-filled vacation!

Tip #3

Add fiber to your diet – at least 25 grams per day.

Why fiber?  First of all, constipation is a real party-pooper when it comes to weight loss (no pun-intended).  I prefer getting fiber either via vegetables or in pill form.  Fiber is a bulking agent, and will promote healthy digestion and also contribute to helping you feel full sooner.

Tip #4

Have a protein smoothie as your mid morning and mid afternoon snack.

The first day of your diet might be rough because you will probably feel hungry.  To keep yourself out of trouble, make a smoothie and add protein powder.  Liquid calories with proper nutrients will be digested easier than solids and will get you through the day without feeling deprived.

Tip #5

Start taking a B-complex vitamin. 

Although it may be a short time before you leave for vacation, getting your B-complex vitamins will specifically boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and give you that extra kick in your step to stay focused as you get a few pounds off before you leave.

But, if you are struggling with that stubborn weight, let’s have a chat.

Dr. Angela Tran D.O.

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