Losing Weight in Those Trouble Areas

We all have trouble areas. These are the areas where once fat builds up, it never seems to want to go. Getting rid of fat in these trouble areas is often our first priority, but it’s our last achievement. The problem is, as we’ve talked about before, you can’t target specific areas to lose fat with dieting and exercise. The way your body stores fat is the way it was programmed to.

This gives you three options: learn to live with those trouble areas, try to lose weight overall, or consider body contouring.

Living with Trouble Areas

Ideally, we should all have a great deal of body confidence. Once we have achieved a generally healthy weight and fitness level, we should be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and be proud of that. Sadly, though, that’s easier said than done.

If you are aware of your trouble areas, you will see them whenever you look in a mirror. You will be aware of them when you try on clothes, when you get dressed for work, and when you are undressed. This means that for many of us, daily discomfort with our trouble areas is an unfortunate reality, which can lead us to consider our other options.

Losing Weight to Target Trouble Areas

Although you can’t target specific areas with weight loss, you can get them eventually. If you lose enough weight in your body overall, you will find that these trouble spots slim down, too. And at this point you will have much more toned muscles, and a great svelte figure.

Which should make one happy, right? Except it doesn’t. Not all of us want to be super stick figure thin. Most of us want a little fat here and there to keep our preferred shape. We don’t want to lose all our fat, just certain areas. And that leads us to our final option.

Body Contouring for Trouble Areas

Body contouring is the most successful way to approach your trouble areas. It can remove fat just from those areas to ensure you end up with the figure you want. There are a few different body contouring options available, but the amazing option we offer is iLipo.

iLipo is a nonsurgical body contouring option that uses your body’s own processes to remove fat where you don’t want it. No incisions. No drugs. No downtime. Just a short procedure in our office, followed by some exercise on your own time. It may take a few treatments to get the results you want, but when you see them, you will be astounded.

Want to learn more about iLipo? Please call 303-596-3943 or contact Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Denver today.

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