Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Dr Tran Plan

They call it Dr. Trans Plan. It’s helped countless women lose weight and lead a much healthier lifestyle. It’s not invasive or surgical like liposuction.

Dr Tran Plan

iLipo and Liposuction get confused but they are completely different. iLipo is a much healthier procedure in the short and long term. Dr. Tran’s goal is to help you apply a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while also helping you lose weight in your trouble areas.

The holidays are the hardest time for people trying to lose weight. The non-stop barrage of food is unavoidable and it seems like the more we try and fight it the more we eat.

The worst thing we can do is beat ourselves up. Dr. Trans plan is here to help guide you and avoid situations like this in the future. Losing weight can take a village of people providing support. A full 80% or more of dieters fail which is why you need the right team to guide you.

The above video provides a peak into what you can expect from Dr. Tran and her team of experts. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from Dr. Tran and the Med-Fit program.

1. Diet Customization: Dr. Tran understands that to maximize weight loss you need a custom diet, exercise and nutrition routine that is sustainable. We don’t believe in fad diets and you shouldn’t either. Fad diets are unhealthy and often times when you stop them you not only gain the original weight but also a few extra pounds to go along with it. Fad diets are just for show while the Med-Fit program is built for long lasting results.

Weight loss is a personal experience unique to each and every individual. Some people may need a stronger nutrition program while others need a little extra attention in the exercise area. Other’s may need more in the iLipo department which we will highlight later in this article. iLipo is a safe non=invasive procedure that helps turbo charge your weight loss.

2. iLipo: Sometimes when you try a new diet you lose weight in all the areas except for the place you want to lose it the most. iLipo is all about targeting these trouble areas and blasting fat in a way that never has been before. iLipo nonsurgical body contouring is specifically designed to target these trouble areas that store excess fat that you’ve never been able to get rid of.

What can iLipo do? It can get rid of the fat that just won’t go away no matter what you try. If combined with nutrition and exercise it burns fat more effectively than anything else out there right now.

At Med-Fit we will start you with iLipo first and ease you into the other areas. Once you see it working you’ll be more enthusiastic about getting started on the other parts of the program.

iLipo stimulates your body to reduce the amount of fat stored in the areas you want to target the most. In clinical studies a full 80% of patients lost 1.5 inches in the areas treated. In just one treatment you can loseup to 30% in fat deposits after just a single treatment.

iLipo is nonsurgical. Liposuction uses a surgical tube to suck out fat deposits. This can be traumatic and cause swelling, bruising and other surgical complications.

If you’re interested in getting started with Dr. Trans Plan give us a call at 303-321-0023 and set up an appointment.

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