MedFit Featured on Fox 31 for iLipo

MedFit’s iLipo is turning heads, and not just because of its eye-catching results. Reporter Shaul Turner of Fox 31 News focused on the technology’s ability to help people achieve the results they want from weight loss: not just the pounds, but the inches, too.

A Success Story

The Fox 31 piece focused on one of our patients who had great results from her weight loss. She had lost so much weight over five months of exercise that she dropped from a size 14 to a 4. Unfortunately, the results weren’t uniformly satisfying. She had lost weight, but she hadn’t lost fat in one particular area that concerned her: her thighs. This has been a lifelong problem for her: even when she was young she had had thighs that made her feel uncomfortable, especially at the beach.

But after one month of using iLipo, she had lost four inches off her thighs, and now she felt great. Even when going to the pool, she had great confidence in her appearance, something that had been missing for a long time.

Highlighting Treatment Aspects

The Fox 31 story also highlights important parts of the iLipo procedure. In order to get good results, patients must:

  • Maintain an overall healthy diet and exercise routine—you can gain the fat back

  • Exercise for 30 minutes within two hours of treatment

Basically, iLipo encourages your body to remove energy stored in the fat in the target region. That fat doesn’t disappear—it goes into the body. To make sure your body doesn’t reprocess that energy back into fat, you have to make your body use the energy instead. And because iLipo doesn’t remove any fat from your body, any weight gain can go back to the area where fat was removed during treatment.

Although iLipo isn’t a quick fix for magic weight loss, it is a way for many people to achieve body contouring that diet and exercise can’t give. Your body is genetically programmed for distributing fat, but iLipo sidesteps this programming to give you a body you could not achieve on your own.

To learn more about how iLipo can help you, please contact MedFit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Denver today.

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