Medication Shamed

In case you’ve been living under Rock, you probably heard of some of the newer FDA approved medications for weight loss and they are legit, but are you being medication shamed for it?

You know who you are. Everybody under the sun has opinion, whether it’s a family friend, even your doctor, fitness nutritionist, celebrity, they all have an opinion. But here is how to help you understand that using medication is not a considered form of cheating.

So number one, it would be silly for me to say I’m giving you a prescription for blood pressure, but that’s cheating because you really should be just taking care of yourself. Nope, high blood pressure has an underlying disease. So does having an overweight issue. So understand that medication treats a disease.

Number two, hey, guess what? You can’t just take a medication and magically lose weight.

While these medications are quite magical, you still have to put in the diet and exercise in order to lose weight because I’ve had plenty of patients who just take a medication thinking, poof, they’re going to lose weight, and they realize, oh, I have to change my habits.

And finally, number three, for medication, you do not have to be on it long-term. And the people who tell you you do once you’re on it, either number one, don’t believe you can do it, or number two, they don’t believe it for themself and they’re just projecting that belief on you.

So I really want you to understand that medication shaming is a thing, but you don’t have to deal with it.

And here’s the great news. You don’t even have to use medication to lose weight. It is very possible to lose weight without it. But the most important thing about losing weight is you need to be in a judgment-free zone. It’s hard enough dealing with the weight issues, but it’s even worse when you’re in an environment where people have an opinion of whether you’re doing it right or not.

Let me share with you my expertise and experience to help you navigate whether you’re a candidate, whether you are able to lose weight without medication, which is possible, but we’re going to create a plan the medical way, and help you lose weight straight away.  Click the link here and I’ll talk to you soon.

Dr. Angela Tran D.O.

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