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Prescription Weight Loss Medication

Sometimes a diet and fitness program isn’t enough. You may have a health problem that makes weight loss difficult, or you may just find it difficult to achieve your goal weight. In this instance, Dr. Tran may choose to add a prescription to aid your efforts.

Dr. Tran will closely monitor the medication throughout your weight loss program and modify it if necessary. Taking weight loss medications can be detrimental to your body when abused or taken incorrectly. Dr. Tran is licensed to prescribe a healthy dose of weight loss medication if she deems it necessary.

Appetite Suppressants: How They Work

In certain situations, appetite suppressants can give you a better edge in achieving your weight loss goals. These medications release norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger, to the hypothalamus of the brain, signaling a “fight or flight” response. Your brain interprets this as a sign to hold back hunger pains, and reduces your urge to eat. Appetite suppressants also release epinephrine, or adrenaline, outside of the brain to your fat cells, signaling them to break down any stored fat in your body.

Appetite suppressants should only be used for a short time. They should also be accompanied by a reduced-calorie diet, exercise and a behavioral modification program.

Lose Weight Safely with Med-Fit

If diet and exercise haven’t worked for you, there’s still hope. After a consultation with Dr. Tran, we will be able to determine whether prescription weight loss medication is right for you.