Summer Holiday Pre-Game

summer holiday pre-game

Memorial Day has just passed, benchmarking the first of the seasonal summer BBQ’s and outdoor parties. Not only will there be temptations at summer parties, but summer often means pool parties and outdoor activities as well. The important part to remember at this time of year is that holidays and summer parties will likely occur every year so having a plan going in to it is essential. It is possible to have fun at a weekend party and still lose weight!

Always have a plan before you go somewhere, in terms of possible types of food. You can always control the food situation at a get together by bringing your own dish as well, as this will ensure that you do not overeat or eat anything you will regret. If you are not able to bring your own dish, pay close attention to portions and avoid grazing over the food table. Grazing and hanging out by the food table can really add up on the calories, as one little bite often leads to many little bites. Portion control in this situation is essential, so stick with small bites and don’t go back for seconds.

Instead of alcohol, choose water or a zero calorie, zero sugar beverage to get you by. Alcohol can add many empty calories that your body doesn’t need, not to mention possible hidden sugars! The best tactic to controlling this is always having a glass of water if you do choose to drink alcohol. The best options for alcohol are clear liquors like vodka, tequila, and gin with club soda and a splash of lime. Keep in mind though that 1.5 oz. of vodka is 97 empty calories! If you choose wine, a spritzer may be the best option! This is about 1-2 oz. of wine with sparkling water, this will significantly reduce the calories and sugar since a typical glass of wine is at least 120 calories.

Being a social butterfly is a good way to stay away from food and alcohol as well, as this allows you to focus more on catching up with friends and family versus paying attention to food! If you are having a great conversation, that means you are less likely to have time to consume foods that may make you feel guilty later.

If the get-together that you are attending has any type of games, take advantage of this to stay active! If not, make it a point to get up and walk around every half hour to an hour to get your blood flowing and get some steps in!

If you do find that you overindulged, don’t worry! If you did overindulge, the most important part is brushing off your shoulders and getting back in the game the very next day!

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