Weight Loss Tips: The Ripple Effect


Have you plateaued yet?  Are you frustrated that you have been doing the hard work in dieting and exercising, and your scale is on pause?  Soon those weeks turn into months, and you might as well go back to your old eating habits because that was more enjoyable.  But wait.  You need the ripple effect.


Remember when you were just a little kid, and you threw a small rock into the pond?  The rock causes the water to expand in a rippling effect and spreads out indefinitely.  The simple definition of a ripple effect is a situation in which one event causes a series of other events to happen.


In order to break your plateau, you need one small rock or change that will lead to a series of other events and finally get you on your way to losing weight again.  Let’s talk about some examples.


#1 Drink more water.  

Water is amazing for your body. Water has so many health benefits for your body including boosting your metabolism, increasing your energy, and hydrating your skin.  Make sure to get in at least 64 oz per day.


#2 Walk 10,000 steps per day.

It can certainly feel like you don’t have “time” to exercise, but everybody has time to walk.  Get an activity tracker and start measuring your steps.  You’ll either be amazed at how many steps you take naturally in a day, or you’ll be amazed at how little walking you do.  So get moving and start walking those pounds away.


#3 Get more sleep.

Sleep is one of the biggest ripple effects.  Sleep balances out your hormones, restores your energy, and even burns calories. Improving your sleep will immediately improve your metabolism, and that energy you have been lacking will be recharged and motivate you to stay active.


#4 Schedule personal time.

When was the last time you did anything for yourself?  How do you expect to lose weight if you aren’t even taking care of yourself?  If you are spending your entire day helping others and leave no time for yourself, you will simply be soaking in stress which is one of the major barriers to weight loss.  Get that massage you have been meaning to schedule.  Go online and order the book you wanted to read.  Do something even if it is for 30 minutes out of your day.  Your body requires it.


#5 Keep a gratitude journal.

This is my absolute favorite.  How does gratitude help with weight loss?  When you are seeing negativity all around you, you’ll also see the negative side to losing weight too.  Gratitude changes your perspective.  When you see the good side of a situation too, it allows you to approach the situation in a problem-solving mindset rather than feeling stuck and having no control at all.  Gratitude will help you see what you have and lessen the focus on what you don’t have.  And gratitude strengthens your relationships, your health, your attitude, and everything about you that it creates the biggest ripple effect of all.

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