Weightloss Scams to Avoid

New Year, new scams. Every year, there is a new crop of weightloss scams that target people who are having trouble losing the weight they want, which, to be honest, is most of America. However, although these are new every year, they tend to follow a few basic patterns you can watch out for and avoid.

Weightloss Scams

Magic Ingredient

This is the number one weightloss scam: we’ve suddenly discovered some magic ingredient that can help you burn away the pounds without dieting and without exercise. These are often exotic fruits (acai berries) or foods prepared or eaten in a different way than traditionally (green coffee beans). Either way, these claims are typically ludicrous and have no basis in science. And most people who use them don’t experience any positive effects. And those that do, it’s because they made other lifestyle changes to go along with their new diet.

Secret Supplements

Closely related is the secret weight loss supplement, where an ancient formula or a newly discovered compound allows a person to lose weight just by taking a pill or sprinkling something over their food. An additional danger with nutrition supplements is that they’re only loosely regulated by the FDA, and may contain many things you don’t want to put in your body, including weight loss drugs that have been banned because they are dangerous or deadly.

Awesome Machines

Another common weight loss scam is the super exercise machine that can help you “blast,” “burn,” or “melt away” the pounds in an incredibly short period of time. Last year, ICON fitness claimed that its ab glider could help you lose weight and get fit with only 3 minutes of exercise a day. Obviously, that’s not true. If you want to get fit, it takes time and effort.

Perfect Routines

Another weight loss scam you will see is that everyone exercises wrong, but if you only do it right, you can lose a lot more weight. Now, there are some things, like high-intensity interval training, that can make an incremental improvement in the efficiency of your workout, but if anyone tells you that you can exercise for just a few minutes a day and reliably lose weight without cutting calories, they are lying.

Free Trial Offer

Free is one of the most misleading words in advertising. Most of the time if you are offered something free to start out, there is a definite attempt to lure you into a billing scheme that will cost you a lot more in the long run. Be very wary of free offers.

Weight loss You Can Trust

At the Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic, we make only honest claims about the actual services you will receive and the potential for weight loss. We let you know what you will have to do, both in terms of work and in terms of payment. You can meet Dr. Tran and get to know her, and learn how she will help you overcome your weight loss problems.

To talk to a legitimate weight loss professional, please contact Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic today.

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