What about Medications?

You’ve all heard about them, right? Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro…. but what what do they truly do to our bodies? It’s simple, they treat the root cause of your weight gain.

Now, the root cause can be different in various individuals, but one of the most common root problems is called insulin resistance.

That’s right! Insulin, while it’s supposed to metabolize sugar and turn that into energy, doesn’t work as well as we age, as we grow older. And what happens is that it’s starting to turn that sugar into storage. Hence, that’s why we’re gaining weight.

Wegovy it’s reporting a 15% weight loss reduction. Now, just to let you know, this is not a magic fix. It must be combined with diet and exercise, which is where the Med-Fit team comes in. But I wanted to walk you through the three main benefits that are really going to get you excited as another tool to help you keep that weight off long term.

  • Benefit number one, it helps your pancreas secrete insulin so that insulin works even much better. Yep, it’s going to turn that insulin into a super insulin and starts to help you metabolize sugar much more efficiently.
  • Benefit number two, it works on your brain to help with appetite control. You know who you are, you’re hungry at two o’clock, or at nighttime, or you have a sweets craving. This medication will help you out with that.
  • And benefit number three, it actually helps you feel full longer. Half of the battle is just trying to keep your portions in check, and this medication will take care of that.

Now, not everybody’s going to qualify, and I can only order the medications if your insurance covers it, but this is one of the latest and greatest, it needs to be available to you, if you have the opportunity to use it.

Schedule your free consultation, or if you are already a Med-Fit member, email us or set up a consultation so that we can get you this medication right away because treating the root cause really is what we are all about, and it is all about keeping the weight off long term so you can live a long, healthy lifestyle.

We’ll see you soon.

Dr. Angela Tran D.O.

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