Why most of New Year’s Resolutions Fail for Weight Loss

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It’s Dr. Angela, America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor. 

Now, we’re going to talk about the one rule that over 90% of people are going to ignore, especially going into the new year, which causes them to struggle with their weight. You get the drill, you set a New Year’s resolution, you join the gym, and after a mere two weeks, you have family responsibilities, probably first quarter career responsibilities, and all of a sudden you drop off and there goes another year and another failed New Year’s resolution.

What happens is that people don’t understand that there is actually a sequence to the formula. You can’t fix your exercise until you fix the mechanics. Mechanics includes nutrition and any medical conditions that could be keeping you from losing weight, but you can’t fix your nutrition and your mechanics until you fix your mindset. That’s right. 

The weight loss formula is just that you have to start with your mindset, then you move on to nutrition and any type of medical conditions that you need to fix, and then exercises what keeps it off.

With the Med-Fit programs, all of our programs are online, but you will be assigned a registered dietician, an accountability health coach, a fitness trainer, and me as your doctor to help you put all three angles of the triangle of health, I call it, to get you to keep it off for good.

Now, if you want to finally be done with dieting, go to denverweightlossclinic.com and schedule your free consultation. 

We’re going to map out your personal triangle of health, and we’re really going to identify what’s been keeping you from losing weight, but that we’re going to finally solve what you’ve been trying to do for years, and then you’ll be done with dieting for good.

See you soon!

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