7 Things You Didn’t Know About iLipo

iLipo is a new device, and there are many things that people don’t know about iLipo. That’s why we’re happy to introduce it to you

about iLipo

It’s the First FDA-Cleared Device of Its Kind.

Although there are many competitors on the market, iLipo has a unique distinction: it’s the first skin contact laser device approved for circumferential reduction. That’s right, it’s the first one that has been recognized to actually result in a reduction of your waist size. A placebo-controlled randomized study showed that almost 70% of people lost a significant amount of circumference.

It’s Not Liposuction.

Although iLipo shares part of its name with liposuction, it’s not a liposuction technique. Liposuction cuts into your body and uses suction to traumatically remove fat. It uses energy to stimulate your body to remove fat on its own. There’re no incisions, no surgery, and no recovery time necessary.

It Uses Lasers.

The technology used in iLipo is low-level-laser therapy (LLLT). In this technology lasers with a very low power shine on your skin and penetrate into the layers of fat below the surface.

iLipo Stimulates Your Body to Remove Fat.

iLipo triggers your body to activate the process it uses when it needs energy from fat. This isn’t magic: the energy released from your fat goes back into your bloodstream. If you don’t use that energy, it might be stored in fat again.

iLipo Can Control Where You Lose Fat.

If you’ve ever bought a “Buns of Steel”-type exercise tape, you’ve learned the unfortunate truth that exercise can’t really target specific areas of your body. But unlike exercise, which lets your body pick where it removes fat energy from, iLipo tells your body where to get it. This means that you can target your problem areas that always seem to be the first to gain and the last to lose fat.

It’s Not Really a Weight Loss Technique, but It Can Help.

iLipo is not a way to lose weight on its own. Each iLipo session burns about 300 Calories. If you did that every day, you might create a calorie deficit, but with sessions spaced out as they are, on its own, iLipo isn’t really going to take off the pounds.

It’s best for helping people overcome the frustration that can come with weight loss: “I’m losing weight, but I still look fat.” iLipo can remove those annoying fat deposits that never seem to shrink, helping you appreciate the real results you’re achieving.

The Same Technology Is Used for Relief from Chronic Pain.

The technology of iLipo has a long history of use and a great safety profile. It has long been used for treating chronic pain, especially joint pain.

Have more questions related to iLipo? We can answer them. Please contact Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Denver today for an appointment.

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