Dealing With Food Pushers

Generally, portion control is one of the top challenges that people face when it comes to managing their weight.  What’s the second top challenge?  Saying no.  So why is it so hard?  If these “food pushers” offer you a piece of cake or glass of wine, it can be so tempting that it is hard to so no.  But the worse scenario is that you say yes, even if you want to say no.  The result?  Another 500 calories that you probably didn’t even enjoy.  Do you know what kind of exercise you would have to do for an hour to burn 500 calories?

Avoid the unnecessary calories!  If you stuck to a plan, and minimized any excess calories, this would be just as important if not more than portion control.  So here are the tips:

Food Pusher #1:  I ordered appetizers for everyone.  They’re amazing!  You have to try one.

Your response:  Thanks for offering!  I came here for the main dish and I don’t want to ruin my appetite.

Food Pusher #2: I spent all day cooking this dish.  You need to try it.

Your response:  Thanks!  It smells good.  I will try it in a little bit.  (After a while, the host will probably do something else and not even pay attention whether you had any or not.  And if she does ask, you can tell her you didn’t get around to it, but maybe next time.)

Food Pusher #3:  Do you want a glass of red wine or white wine?

Your response:  I have an early start tomorrow.  I don’t want to wake up with a headache or wake up feeling tired.  Plus I have to drive tonight.

Food Pusher #4:  You seem to always be on a diet.  Life is too short.  You can have this piece of cake.  It won’t hurt you.

Your response:  That piece of cake does look delicious as always.  I literally don’t have room.  I’m stuffed.

Food Pusher #5:  You need to take some leftovers.  We have so much food here.

Your response:  We are still taking care of our own leftovers.  Our fridge is full already and I don’t want to bring more food that will probably go to waste.  

So, these are some “polite” ways to say no and remember, be the one in control and don’t let food pushers add extra calories and more exercise that you can handle to burn it off! 

If you just often say ‘No, thank you’ and change the subject, your host will just love to talk and talk and talk, and pressure is all off on you!

If you are struggling to say “No, thank you! to yourself, let’s have chat and talk about it.

Dr. Angela Tran

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