Eat Out Without Gaining Weight

It’s that time of the year again…Restaurant Week!  You know who you are.  You called in for reservations months ago just so you could reserve your spot(s).  All the menus have been studied and researched all the way through.  It’s time to get your game face on and knife and fork in hand.  You have at least 3 reservations this week, so how do you eat at all 3 and not gain weight?

Believe or not, it is possible to control your weight when it comes to frequent dining whether it is restaurant week, frequent travel, or overall doing business with clients.

Game Plan #1 Think HALF.

Now I know that’s not a lot of fun, but portion control is the number one strategy when it comes to managing your weight.  Plate sizes are getting bigger and bigger, just ask Texas.  Expect these wonderful dishes to be 1000+ calories, but cut the entree in half, and therefore cut the calories in half.  It will also make you slow down your eating which will help you feel full sooner.

Game Plan #2 Have it your way.

Don’t be shy about asking the chef to make the dish to your liking.  If it is fried, ask if it can be grilled.  Ask for salad dressing on the side.  Simply ask the waiter if the chef can make a healthier version of the same dish.  You would be surprised at how accommodating all these restaurants are.

Game Plan #3 Water away.

Drink water before your meal.  Drink water between your meal.  Heck drink water after your meal.  Water not only keeps you hydrated, but it also keeps your metabolism going and helps you feel full a lot sooner too.  Water is your wing man.

Game Plan #4 Triple the veggies.

Load up the greens, especially if you are hungry.  Veggies will take space in your stomach, can be very filling, and you will feel less guilty after your meal.  It’s function is to help with digestion, and you don’t have to limit your portions so much in this category.

Game Plan #5 End the night with decaffeinated coffee.

Although studies have proven that caffeinated coffee helps your metabolism, there has been some research studies that have shown a higher appetite suppressant effect with decaffeinated coffee.  Try it out, and see how you do!

If you need more tips or if you struggling with your weight before summer comes, do not worry. I am here for you! Just one call away!

Dr. Angela Tran

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