Eating More, Weight Less?

Hey, it’s Dr. Angela, America’s transformational weight loss doctor. 

One of the most common questions that I get asked all the time is, “Dr. Tran, why do you tell your patients to eat more, not less when it comes to losing weight?” 

Believe it or not, I talk to busy professionals every single day just like you, realtors, lawyers, doctors, executives. There’s no such thing as laziness in these people. But, what happens is that you’re skipping breakfast, you’ve got meetings all day long, you have to grab and go at two o’clock, you’re starving by the time you get home, and then you hit the bed and all of a sudden your alarm wakes you up and you hit the ground running again. Does that sound familiar? 

Well, here is the doctor Tran’s plan on how to make sure that you can get back on track with your health, because if you want to be successful in your career, you have to be successful in your health.

Number one, your body requires structure. 

You are made up of hormones, cells, tissues, organs that all work together. And if you don’t give them structure, they’re not going to know what to do, particularly when it comes to metabolism. 

Number two, you need to have predictability with your body.

Just like a campfire, you need the right wood to burn all day long so that your body knows what to do when it comes to utilizing those calories. 

And finally, number three, you need the right nutrition. 

I have patients who I have advised to eat more at certain times throughout the day because just like NASCAR driving, you have to have pit stops and you have to fuel up. You have to tighten your tires. You got to oil up in order for you to survive those 12, 14 hour days. But it’s all part of the plan.

And if you want to get on the fast track to your health, go to, schedule free consultation .

We’re going to map out how your lifestyle fits into your nutrition, and I’m going to show you how to eat more to lose more.

Dr. Angela Tran

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