Why Diets Fail?

Hey, it’s Dr. Angela, America’s transformational weight loss doctor. 

In this post, we’re going to talk about one of the top reasons why diets fail. Now, I’ve got a true story. I was talking to a new consultation the other day. 

She and her girlfriend did a 30-day diet challenge. they’re both in their 40s, they work full-time, and they’ve got a couple of kids. And she literally was calling in tears saying that while her girlfriend lost five pounds, she gained five pounds. 

And she said, “Dr. Tran, I’m done with dieting.” And I said, “Hold up. One of the first steps that we need to take is that we need to send you to the lab to get blood work, so that we can identify the medical barriers that are holding you back.”

Even though her doctor said everything was normal, I checked my set of labs and we identified that her thyroid was slow and she was also low in vitamin D, two very important things that we easily fixed. And then fast forward 30 days after joining my program, she lost 10.  

If you want my formula, if you want to take a higher level approach to your weight loss, go to denverweightlossclinic.com, schedule your free consultation, and we are literally going to map out your blueprint, so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

Dr. Angela Tran

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