Five Healthy Habits

Hey, it’s Dr. Angela, America’s transformational weight loss doctor. 

In this post, we’re going to talk about the five healthy mistakes that you might be making when it comes to causing you to gain weight. 

Number one, you could actually be over-exercising. It’s very important to incorporate rest. Because if you’re exercising four or five, six days a week and not resting, all you’re doing is causing your muscle to break down. And that, essentially, causes you to store body fat. 

Number two, being gluten free. It is important if you have celiac disease, it makes sense for you to avoid gluten. But if you don’t have to, you actually could be missing out on the important nutrients such as iron, Vitamin D, B12. And it also can actually cause you to gain weight. 

Number three, artificial sweeteners. Just because it says “zero calories,” doesn’t mean that it is harmless. Artificial sweeteners will not only cause that insulin response to potentially cause you to gain weight, it also can make you hungrier, which adds more calories to your day. 

Number four, being vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong: being vegetarian can be healthy. But a lot of vegetarians don’t get enough protein that animal protein actually provides. And if you’re not eating properly and you’re overcompensating by eating too many carbs, guess what? You actually can do harm to your body, and even induce yourself into diabetes. 

Finally, number five, cutting calories. It is important to make a calorie deficit when it comes to losing weight. But if you’re not doing it properly, your body’s not getting what it needs. And instead of burning, it is storing. 

So make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes. It is important to get with a medical weight loss doctor, because you have to understand your body. It is not simple when it comes to just eating right and exercising. You need to understand the mechanics. 

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Dr. Angela Tran

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