Is Jogging or Sprinting Better For Weight Loss?

There are two ways to exercise. One is to exercise moderately for a longer period of time, which we might roughly equate with jogging. The other is to exercise intensely for shorter periods of time, which we might equate roughly with sprinting. It turns out that sprinting is a much more effective way to lose weight.

Ineffectiveness of Jogging

The first hints of this surprising conclusion came from a 1997 study that sought to determine whether 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 days a week for 15 weeks would be enough to stimulate the body to improve health and achieve weight loss. The results were largely negative. However, a little more than half of the group did lose fat weight and increased their aerobic capacity.

Jogging vs. Sprinting

Other researchers then approached this question to determine whether sprinting might be a better approach than jogging toward weight loss. In this 2008 study, sprinters and joggers were compared with a control group after 15 weeks of exercise. They found that although both exercise groups had significant cardiovascular improvements, only the sprinting group had a significant reduction in total body mass, fat mass, and trunk fat.

The Power of Sprinting

The benefits of sprinting were further shown in a 2012 study that looked at a 12-week trial of sprinting compared to a control group. The sprinting group lost weight (about 3 pounds overall), and lost fat weight (about 4 pounds overall). Fat reductions were seen in the abdomen and chest, as well as the legs. The arms were not significantly impacted.

Based on these studies, it seems that short bursts of intermittent activity are better for weight loss than longer bouts of continuous exercise.

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