Lose Weight In Time For Summer The Right Way

Summer is steadily approaching, bringing warmer weather and outdoor activities! The good news is that there is still time to lose weight before summer has hit full swing… But is it ever safe to lose weight quickly? We often hear from patients who are concerned about losing weight in a short amount of time because they’ve heard that it is not only unhealthy but may also lead to quick weight re-gain. While there is a truth to this, the approach that you choose to take in your weight loss journey makes an impact.

There are more benefits to weight loss than losing inches as it also emcompasses physical, mental, and health factors. The first mental factor is motivation, which increases when you begin to lose weight and see favorable results. Many people don’t realize until they begin a diet that there is actually a level of food addiction that they must overcome, almost as if you must learn to break up with food. It is important to address these mental obstacles when beginning any program, otherwise the chance of gaining the weight back (and quickly!) will be inevitable.

When you begin to take out all of the sugar and fat that make up the typical American diet, your body enters a detox mode. Many times people view detox as a quick way to lose some weight around their abdomen, which may temporarily help reduce bloat but if you aren’t continuing these habits consistently, it will return as quickly as it disappeared.

Juice cleanses that only allow you to have vegetable and fruit juice for a certain amount of days, typically 3-5 days. This is an example of the wrong way to lose weight quickly because this lacks both fiber and protein.

Crash Diets that involve a decreased calorie intake without taking into account the type of calorie is also an example of the wrong way. Not all calories are created equal and if you ate 1,000 calories worth of rice cakes, for example, you may find yourself in even more frustration. This again does not place emphasis on protein or healthy fats that help to satisfy you.

Any kind of supervised weight loss is the right way to go about quick weight loss. This is to ensure that you are consuming enough protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to help fuel your body while also keeping you at a calorie deficit to lose weight. We ensure that you are consuming total nutrition while also addressing your behavioral needs that can lead to weight loss.

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