What’s Holding You Back From Losing Weight

Med-Fit Medical WeightlossWhat’s been holding you back? Take a moment to step back and think if see a pattern that you’ve allowed yourself to continue to follow. What kinds of comments have you made to yourself in the past that have caused you to hold back, and even worse, BELIEVED? You are not alone in these thoughts, we have all guilty of this at one point or another. The problem is that the negative comments that you say to yourself keep you from being successful and feeling your best both mentally and physically. It’s true that the mindset and comments that we tell ourselves in our heads echoes out into our auras, and everyone around us can sense this. They say negativity is contagious. Hmm.

You wait for the right time to start.

You keep telling yourself that the time isn’t right to start. The specifics of whatever it is that you’re starting doesn’t matter, it’s just the constant excuse you give yourself that makes you feel better about giving up before you’ve even begun. If you keep waiting until tomorrow, next week, next month, next YEAR… It will never happen. The truth is, life never slows down, it just presents opportunities in different angles. It’s your decision to choose whether or not you want to succeed, and when the time is right. The answer? What better time than right now?!

You expect results to be instantaneous.

Just because you’ve consciously made a change in your mind doesn’t mean that it will be instant. In some cases, we’ve created a lifelong series of habits and thoughts that aren’t just going to magically disappear in one day, or even a month, and in some cases even years. It takes time to lose weight, and it takes even more time to keep it off. A habit is formed after 21 days. Start here. Reevaluate. Make another small goal.

You compare yourself to other people.

Picture this: You’re on the treadmill at the gym next to a seasoned runner. You either try with all your might to keep up with them, or slump down and give up without trying. What’s happening here? You feel inadequate and feel like you’ll never be like them. The truth is, you weren’t there when they stumbled and made the mistakes that led them to that place. Focus on how great you’ll feel when YOU accomplish your OWN goals.

You create excuses for yourself.

This goes hand in hand with waiting for the “right” time to start. You tell yourself that today you’ll treat yourself, you’ll start your diet tomorrow after you’ve prepared yourself mentally. This is 100% an excuse that you’re giving yourself. You tell yourself that that last meal is OK because tomorrow you’ll be on your diet. This is just one example of excuses we give ourselves. They come in many forms.

You’re not alone with these thoughts, and we want to help you overcome them. It takes time, but most importantly, the ability to recognize them and the mental hurdle to overcome them. When it comes to weight, you may be your biggest reason because you hold yourself back from being successful. At Med-Fit we don’t want you to just lose weight, we want you to walk out of here a renewed person ready to take on life. Show yourself how successful you can be!

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