Losing Weight with a Partner

I often joke that if I put all of my patients in my weight loss bubble, everybody would do fantastic!  It would only be when I send them home to a challenging environment that makes it difficult for them.  But it can be done and will be done.

So how do you handle being on a weight loss plan when your significant other insists on sticking to old bad habits? 

First and foremost, you can only control yourself.  Although you can try to approach your significant other about providing support for you, you are ultimately responsible for what goes into your mouth. 

Secondly, create a plan that will work for the both of you.  Set expectations for yourself and express what your significant other can expect from you, and clearly communicate your plan in achieving your goal. 

Finally, allow your significant other to just be while you are figuring out how you are going to make changes to lose weight.  Criticizing your significant other will only create more conflict between you and yes it will be that much harder to lose weight.

After you have lost weight, then what do you do?  Model and inspire. 

Again don’t criticize.  Now that you are enjoying your new life, new body, and new confidence, your healthy presence is very hard to ignore.  If you have kids, it is a great time to get them involved to become a healthy family and work as a team.  With your significant other, invite them out for your work outs.  Suggest restaurants where you have personally studied to make sure you can find a healthy dish.  And most importantly, tell your significant other that you love them. 

With your new “health fame”, significant others often may develop a feeling of distance, intimidation, or have even a lower level of self-confidence since the new you came around.  Success gets tricky for some people, and although you mean to inspire, your success may remind someone of their own failures.  So reassure, reassure, and reassure them.  Remember you were a work in progress and so will they.

Comment below or share with us what challenges have you experienced with your significant other and if you need any help with getting started, I am only one click away!

Dr. Angela Tran D.O.

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