Obesity Facts in Adults

Dr. Angela Tran started Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic to help people overcome the dangers of obesity. As a primary care doctor, she saw many people in her office who were suffering from the secondary effects of obesity.

When it comes to obesity, awareness is half the battle, because once people understand just how serious a problem obesity is, they are more likely to take steps to control their weight, which can save their lives. To help with this, Med-Fit created an infographic that explains many facets of the obesity epidemic in the US.

The infographic shows:

  • How many people in the US are obese

  • Which states have higher obesity rates

  • The effect of ethnicity on obesity

  • Increased medical costs associated with obesity

  • Conditions that often occur with obesity

  • Information on how obesity is diagnosed and treated

All the information is laid out in a straightforward, easy-to-read, and visually pleasing format so that people can quickly learn many facts about the obesity epidemic.

Especially important to Dr. Tran is that people should know that obesity is treatable. Although many obese individuals may have given up trying to lose weight because they think they cannot do it, proper support makes it harder to fail than to succeed, which helps many people who have previously been unsuccessful to achieve weight loss goals they never thought possible.

For people who think that they are beyond help, just looking at some of our success stories should be inspirational. These were individuals who didn’t believe they could lose weight, but have now lost 40 pounds, 50 pounds, or more. Although it is impossible to guarantee those kinds of results, if you talk to a doctor you will learn what might be possible for you.

Don’t resign yourself to obesity and its dangers. Find out how you can lose weight and get healthy. Please call  or contact Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic today.

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