The Best Fad Diets

Just because it’s a fad doesn’t mean it’s bad. Although most fad diets are abominable, there are a few that are actually pretty reasonable and could not only help you lose weight, but allow you to keep it off as well. Of all the dozens of fad diets we’ve looked at here, there are three that are worth considering, and we’ll consider them there.

Third Best Fad Diet: Green Smoothie Diet

The green smoothie diet gets points because it is a simple meal replacement diet. All you do is replace two of your meals a day with green smoothies, then eat a full third meal.

Benefits: Although not as nutritionally balanced as Optifast, green smoothies actually serve to help ensure you get a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Also, because green smoothies can have a significant calorie content, you aren’t going through such a dramatic calorie reduction that your body goes into starvation mode.

Disadvantages: The biggest limitation of this diet is that not everyone can make this into a long-term lifestyle change that would allow you to keep off the weight. Making green smoothies all the time can be time-consuming and may be hard to integrate into your daily routine. Another problem is that not all green smoothie recipes are created equal. Some can be highly acidic, potentially damaging your teeth, and because of their color they can stain your teeth, too.

It’s also worth noting that some common ingredients in green smoothies–kale, spinach, and related vegetables—can lead to thyroid problems and should be eaten with awareness, especially by people who have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Studies seem to indicate that two pounds a day of these vegetables may be problematic, while five ounces a day is definitely safe.

Second Best Fad Diet: The Subway Diet

I know, I know, it seems implausible that this could be a real diet that is effective, but it can actually work. It’s basically just using the Subway menu to create a calorie deficit for yourself by hitting a designated target calorie intake.

Advantages: Subways are everywhere. It’s easy to pick up the sandwiches on your way to or from work which means that it’s a great option for people who don’t have the time to be cooking special food for their diet. It also encourages you to get your vegetables in your diet so that you’re getting a balanced diet.

Disadvantages: Variety is going to be a big obstacle here. Even with the considerable menu at Subway, you’re going to find yourself getting sick of eating these sandwiches all the time, especially when you’re banned from so many of the tasty condiments, sauces, and cheese that can add variety. Plus, although the foods aren’t fried, they’re still not the same as home-cooked foods. You’re still exposing yourself to unknown additives in your diet and if this is all you’re eating, you can be exposing yourself to a lot of it. Plus, eating out for every meal is expensive.

The Best Fad Diet: Mediterranean Diet

This diet is based on the traditional foods of the Mediterranean region, specifically modified to include all the healthiest aspects and remove some of the less healthy ones.

Advantages: There are some really delicious foods included in this diet. It also offers an infinite variety. You’ll always be getting a healthy balance of foods so you never have to worry about vitamin deficiencies. And this is the easiest diet to turn into a real lifestyle. It includes exercise and has been proven to have a positive impact on diabetes. After all, millions of people do it for their entire lives!

Disadvantages: The biggest problem with this diet is that it does require you to cook. Food prep isn’t always complicated, but not everyone can fit it into their schedules.

Even the best fad diets aren’t for everyone. If you are finding it hard to lose weight and want help, please call  or email Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Denver.

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