Your Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Staying Inspired and Among Good Teammates

As we approach the tail end of the year, we would like to ask how you’ve done with your New Year’s resolution? Oh, yes, remember that? Are you still going strong, or did you drop off weeks or months ago? One of the main reasons people tend to drop out of their New Year’s resolution (or any goal, for that matter) is the loss of motivation. Results can certainly sustain motivation, but the lack of results can be even more forceful to cause you to go back to your old ways. So how do you stay motivated so your diet plan for weight loss can succeed?

your diet plan for weight loss: staying inspired and amount good teammatesSimon O. Sineck is an author best known for his book, “Start With Why.” By “Why,” he means, what is your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your reason for getting out of bed in the morning? So why do you want to lose weight? We all have a life and a purpose beyond the scale that measures your weight, after all.

When I see a patient for the first time in my office, I can already tell how well they are going to do on the program. A big tip-off is the reason that brought them into the office in the first place. Those who tell me a story rather than a number succeed much better in the program as far as losing weight and keeping it off long-term. These patients are living life to the fullest after they have graduated from our program. They tend to be more active with their kids, thriving in their careers and are getting off their meds.

So yes, I confess I am one of the cheesy ones in this world that wakes up in the morning, excited to start the day. It didn’t use to be like that, especially when I was working for a “boss.” But now life did a 180° on me. How? I did a lot of digging, but I found my big “why” is to inspire. Back in the old days, I was treating sick patients, and although it can be rewarding, it was not inspirational to me. Today I still treat patients with medical disease, but my method of “saving lives” has taken on new meaning. The definition of inspire is to influence or guide someone to make or create something. I inspire patients to believe in themselves, build their confidence, and to create the life they have always wanted through healthier living.

Once you have established your “why,” the weight loss journey you are about to embark on will become less about counting calories and more about living your life and purpose. That’s my motivational factor. So, what’s yours?

Who’s on Your Diet Plan for Weight Loss Team?

your diet plan for weight loss: staying inspired and amount good teammatesMaybe you have kept your New Year’s resolution like a champ! Perhaps you have even lost a few pounds already. Now you are thinking, “How am I supposed to keep it off long-term?”

One of the absolute key factors in maintenance success is identifying who’s on your team and who is not. Jim Rohn, who was a famous American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, quoted, “You are the average of the 5 closest people that you spend most of your time with.”

So, are these 5 people on your team or not? Let’s start listing those individuals who are on your team and those who are not.

Did your Mom and/or Dad frequently criticize you on your weight since you were a little kid? Do your friends often invite you out to eat and tell you “life’s too short” and you should have a piece of cake after dinner? Do your family members tell you to stop dieting because you are just going to gain the weight back? As you can see, these people can be quite harmful to your weight problem and can potentially keep you from succeeding.

your diet plan for weight loss: staying inspired and amount good teammatesOn the other hand, is your best friend excited that you finally decided to do something about your weight? Did the friend offer to walk with you every day after work? Did your husband decide to start cooking (even though he really doesn’t), just to make sure you can stay on track? Did your coworker opt-out of the potluck at work too so you could have a buddy for support?

Remember, sometimes it’s not you that’s the problem, but rather, the people with whom you surround yourself. To remedy the situation, just start spending even more time with the people you decided are on your team. They will be your strongest cheering section, but most importantly, they will also be there for you in the long run and help you if you slip up later.

Just be aware, although you love those family and friends, they may still sabotage you. Still, you have a better understanding of how to handle them in order to protect your diet plan for weight loss. You can navigate ways to not let them throw you off. Be patient but be on guard. Finally, share this post with your friends and let’s start recruiting the right people to be on your team!

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