Med-Fit is a physician-supervised diet & exercise program that is custom-designed to fit in with your lifestyle and goals.

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Medical Weight Loss Specialist, Dr. Angela Tran, D.O. designs customized, medically supervised weight loss programs right here in Denver, CO. Learn how to lose weight for good with programs direct from America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor™.
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At Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss, you’ll receive all the one-on-one attention from our doctors and staff, expert advice and the step-by-step instruction you need to lose weight fast. We want you to look and feel better! Imagine being able to reduce your dependency on maintenance medications. Imagine participating in active play with your child or pet. Imagine waking up feeling good every day! Your health is important to us! Let us help you have a chance at making these experiences a reality!

Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is a physician-supervised medical weight loss clinic dedicated to helping patients lose weight and keep it off. Med-Fit is led by Dr. Angela Tran. Dr. Angela believes in safe weight loss and is against dangerous fad diets that backfire on you once you’re done with them.

Dr. Angela is there for you every step of the way with lifestyle education, fitness training, diet and medical expertise all in one place. Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is a lifestyle change that countless previous clients can vouch for. If you’re ready to start losing weight safely and keeping it off, give us a call. Dr. Angela is dedicated to helping patients lead a healthier lifestyle and attain their weight loss goals.

We offer both in person and online Custom Weight Loss Programs, Virtual Online Weight Loss Coaching, Dr. Supervised Weight Loss, Weight Loss Nutritionists, Appetite Suppression Medication, One on One Personalized Fitness Training, One on One Accountability Coaching, One on One Nutrition Coaching, Customized Meal Plans, Optifast Shakes & Bars, and Nutritional Meal Replacement Weight Loss Programs with Weight-Loss Supplements and Diet Foods.

Make health a priority.

Don’t wait to treat your symptoms. Let’s take control of your health!


Our mission at Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is to help patients solve health problems through weight loss by helping them take ownership of their health and wellness. We understand everyone has scheduling and location conflicts. Don’t let those issues stop you from getting your health in order!

Our virtual programs have been developed specifically for people like you. We get it!  Time is not always on your side.  But we have mastered the craft of helping our busy patients get healthy long-term and still stay on top of their lives and many responsibilities.  Yes it is possible to have it all but we take the time to teach you how to do that.  We assign a specific medical weight loss team to each individual so we can be with you at any time anywhere!

Some of our success stories!

“I’m on week 13 of my program so far. The staff at Med-Fit has been so supportive and take time to answer all my questions. Dr. Tran is so positive and its great motivation to stay on track. So far I’ve lost 27lbs on a modified program and I have about 20 more to go. I’m feeling positive that I can keep moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time”

Jenny V.A.,

“The staff was very professional, friendly and courteous. I learned a lot about my weight issues. All of the staff was very knowledgeable about strategies to lose weight. I would recommend the program to anyone who has struggled with their weight.”

Dana Franklin

“Really liked the well rounded approach to weight loss at MedFit. From the meal replacements to nutrition counseling to physical coaching. I felt well supported and am so happy I made the choice to improve my health by reaching a healthy weight again. Thanks, ladies!”

Amy York

“The strawberry ready to drinks are delicious. I am very happy with the products and the support from the people at med-fit. They are all very friendly and extremely knowledgeable! You never feel like you are being judged, just supported through your weight loss journey! Not to mention they spoke Spanish which really helped me.”